FAQs – Questions about Hair Pulling Help

Popular Trichotillomania Therapy Questions and Answers


What is the cause of my hair-pulling?

The cause of trichotillomania can vary from person ot person. There is often an event that proved difficult and frustrating. A response to the that event may have been to pull hair out. The distraction that this action provided may have provided some stress relief.

Why do I often feel better after I have pulled ?

This is a similar reaction that someone who self-harms may notice. The final pulling of a hair may signal cognitively that you have done something about how you feel about yourself or something that has stressed you. Even though the action of pulling hair may be painful for a second, it still may be associated with relief.


Sometimes I don’t know I am doing it. How?

When a behaviour is repeated over and over again it becomes second-nature and a habit. Just like driving a car, we get used to doing automated actions with our hands and feet. This unconscious pulling of your hair is normal for someone with trichotillomania.


What therapies do you use to help TTM?

Hypnotherapy, EFT (Tapping) and psychotherapy processes are used.


What about the coaching aspect?

Practical help and support is readily available. Techniques that are easy to use and establish are covered in the sessions provided.


How many sessions will I need?

We are all different. Some people may find that circa 6 sessions are enough. Usually between 8 to 12 sessions are needed.


What if I need help outside of the therapy session?

During office hours if you telephone and leave a message I will call you back withing 24 hours. Email support is also available.


What success have other people had?

Please check our customer reviews at this link


What should I do next ?

You can telephone or email Anne now to find out more!