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Obsessive Pubic Hair Pulling Therapy London

Trichotillomania, Tricho or TTM more rife than we realise. It is considered to be an OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Most people with trichotillomania pull hair consciously or unconsciously from their scalp, only realising what they have been doing when they see a pile of follicles or a bald patch in the mirror. Other areas for hair-pulling are the eyebrows, eyelashes and other parts of the body.

A less common area for hair pulling is the pubic region. Pulling pubic hair is one of the easiest place to cover up, although it is not so easy to do in public places.

One comment on Reddit says :-

“It’s not even just pulling it out. It started that way. Now I’m down to digging under my skin trying to get the follicle out. I have open sores all over my pubic area. I’m terrified they will get infected somehow. It hurts a lot, but I can’t stop doing it. It’s like I get into a trance;

The worst part is that I’m too embarrassed to talk to my psychologist about this. If it were any other part of my body, maybe, but not here. I used to pull out my eyelashes. Now I guess I ended up here.

I hate myself”.

The challenging aspect in this comment is the shame the person feels about discussing with their issue with their psychologist. Shame is more likely to lead to an increase in pulling of pubic hair. Shame requires secrecy to survive. The antidote to shame and the beginning of stopping pulling, is the admittance of what they are doing.

I hope they were able to confide in their therapist.


Hypnosis – the Antidote to the Trance of OCD Hair-pulling

What is also enlightening about the above person’s description is when they state “I get into a trance”. Trance is something we all experience when we do something on auto-pilot and without conscious thought. It’s the same state of mind experienced when en drive a car on a very familiar journey.

This is why my Trichotillomania Coaching Program succeeds. I include hypnosis as part of the program and hypnosis is like being in a trance. During hypnosis the puller is made more aware of their pulling and therefore conscious intervention is possible. From this beginning step, hair-pulling starts to reduce and eventually stalls.

Pubic hair pulling is one of the most under-reported sub-aspects of trichotillomania. Yet it can be very risky. Infection may be caused by pulling your pubic hair. In this body region, your genitals may become affected and threatened too.


You Have Nothing to Lose but Your Shame

Shame can stop you seeking the help you need. Shame can also arise because you may derive some relief and even some pleasure from pulling hair around your penis, testicles or vagina. I urge you to have a chat with  me. Many people do exactly what you do and eventually make the decision to stop. You are not alone and are not the first person to an obsession about genital hair-pulling.

Take a look at this clip below about a young man who plucks his pubic hair and chest hair. He says he enjoys the pain.


Fortunately he doesn’t seem to have issues of shame as he is appearing on this TV program and seems quite comfortable. Indeed his ability to openly state he pulls or plucks his pubic and chest hair means shame doesn’t hold any power over him.


hair pulling therapist londonStop Your Pubic Hair Pulling

I have chosen to show this video to let you know you are not the only person to pluck pubic hair. If you want to stop pulling, just call me, Anne, on 07930 362492 or email at

I have a hair-pulling therapy and coaching practice in Kensington, West London. It is discreet and private.


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